Welcome to the Bible Exhibition

Welcome to The Bible Exhibition.

However you look at it, the Bible is an extraordinary book. Whether you believe it is the Word of God or not, this book is unique. No other book can claim the following facts:

Consists of 66 books.

  • By 40 independent writers, in 20 different occupations, in 10 different countries, over 1,600 years.
  • A cast of 2,930 characters, in 1,551 places.
  • Many different subjects in all literary forms – poetry, prose etc.

The exceptional nature of this book was recognised by men in past ages, like William Tyndale, who were willing to give up their lives so that others could read it for themselves.

The Bible Exhibition will attempt to show you this book’s place in history and how it has survived; how it accurately describes past events, and future events; and what this unique book’s message is.

The exhibition is on tour every year, so click on the “Visit the Exhibition” link to find out if it is near you!